(Note added 2008: This site is now very very old and obsolete, and is mostly left here for historical reasons.)

METAL is (or was) a BASIC programming language for the Mac. These are some of the programs I made in it.

Those of you who know me from the forum will find some of the demonstration programs I talk about here.

Simple Stuff:

-- Bobsleigh - A simple game.
-- Brownian - A Brownian motion thingy. A nice effect.
-- DescendingCells - A cellular automata program.
-- DescendingCells5 - Like the above, but offers more complex influences.
-- Falldown - A simple game.
-- Galaxy - My port of an old galactic collision algorithm.
-- Life - The old classic, but slow.
-- SimpleStars - A simple, fast starfield.
-- Swarmz 1.2 - A swarming algorithm.

More Complex Stuff:

-- Golem v2 - A game recorder for Go, an ancient board game from China. This is rather a speciality item.

-- Rusty 1.11 - User interface for a Chess program (also features random play).

-- Golf 0.3b - A simple little Golf game (only 5 holes so far).

-- Komi - Perhaps my best creation so far! A fully working arcade game.

Click here for the Komi Homepage.

-- Pacmonium 2.2 - A quite slick Pacman clone with OS X support (updated 25/6/2002).

Click here for a screenshot.

-- Boulderdashy - An incomplete but fully working Boulderdash clone, under the GPL.

-- Pearl Crypt - An incomplete Crystal Quest style game under the GPL.

-- Vortex and Vortex.rsrc (optional) - Asteroids-like game under the GPL. Made in cooperation with Lisa Lovelace.

-- METAL Maelstrom - An implementation of Ambrosia's Maelstrom under the GPL. Alas, I can't distribute the graphics; you'll have to download those separately (instructions included).

This is a very old site of Allan Crossman